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A list of documents that are needed to perform high -rise work

Papers that will be needed to perform high -rise work

So, a list of necessary documents that must be provided.

  • A medical examination that will confirm that you are approaching high -rise work and that you have no serious health problems;
  • passport and copies of its main pages;
  • TIN and SNILS.

There is nothing complicated in the passage of the medical board, if you have no epilepsy and you are not afraid of heights, then you will pass the commission without problems. Get admission, if you are already 18 years old. After applying for work, you will have to undergo re -certification every year.  At re -certification, they simply ask safety precautions. That is, that the employee should have with him, when performing work at heights. It will be necessary to purchase your climbing equipment. In our country, rarely where they are given, and it is not always new.