The advantages and disadvantages of Leica Lino L2

The advantages and features of Leica Lino L2 levels

The LEICA L2 LECA LECA LASTE LASE does not require long -term alignment when installing for accurate vertical and horizontal lines on the walls.

 The device automatically compensates or prevents angular errors. Projections will not be made with a large angular displacement; When transferring the level from one place to another, the device is not required; Leica Lino L2 is equipped with a pendulum locking function that allows a projection at any angle.

Leica Lino L2 laser level is designed to perform lines and points construction operations. With it, you can project a laser cross and build a laser plane, mark the axes and carry out their transfer.

The manufacturer equipped Leica Lino L2 with high -quality optics. It allows you to get accurate bright lines on the surface.