Advantages and disadvantages of the types of mixers

Features of the selection of mixers: selection criteria

Ball mixtures are better than standard, more durable and resistant to water, but try to buy mixers of good manufacturers and not save.

I have experience buying Chinese mixers. The first mixer that I acquired in the kitchen worked for 1, 5 years, the next – exactly the same – a year. Moreover, not the mixer system deteriorates, but holes appear in the body of the mixer. T. e in the manufacture, low -quality metal is used. Therefore, for the third time I acquired a Czech mixer. So far, the mixer has been working a little more than a year and there are no problems with it. The disadvantages of ball mixers are that they can break due to water quality, t. e. In order for the mixer to serve longer, it is necessary to install the water cleaning filter. In case of breakdown, you have to change the ball cavity.