Advantages of using foam concrete for building a house

Is it worth buying a foam concrete for building a house

As can be seen from the calculation, foam concrete is an easier material. We made a calculation for 1 m2 walls, and on a large amount of masonry the difference is significant.

In some buildings, it is necessary to minimally load the structures when warming the roof or walls, and of course one of the optimal options is the use of foam concrete. Since foam concrete is even and smooth material, the thickness of the screed on top of the thermal insulation layer will be minimal.

Penoboton does not lose its properties over time, but on the contrary, it hards, gains strength. Subject to the correct installation and operation of structures from foam concrete, their service life is unlimited.

The structure of foam concrete consists of “closed” pores, so it has good indicators for frost resistance and ability to freeze and thaw.