All electricity does not work in the apartment

What to do if electricity has stopped working in the entire apartment

If the electricity is disconnected due to the operation of the circuit breaker, it must be turned on again and try to establish the reason for its disconnection.

Conduct diagnostics: in turn try to turn on all the lamps and household appliances-if something is faulty, then this will again lead to the shutdown of the machine. If everything is in order with lamps and electrical appliances, and the machine turns off as soon as you turn it on, the malfunction can be in the electrical wiring or the electric network is overloaded.

It is also possible that the malfunction is in the entry of the electric cable into your apartment or on the site. Therefore, specify whether there is light on the inter -apartment platform, at the neighbors, in the entrance. In such cases, the diagnosis of electrical wiring and the elimination of malfunctions is clearly carried out by a specialist.