Because of which the gas boiler most often breaks

 Causes of frequent breakdowns of gas equipment

As practice shows in 9 of the 10 breakdowns of the boiler, voltage changes are to blame. Of course, not all malfunctions become fatal.

 But only for one repair or purchase of a new device, funds are spent almost equal to the acquisition of a full -fledged converter. Networking outside the city occur more often than in the focus of civilization. Therefore, at least 100-300W inverter people try to acquire. This gives a lot of advantages:

Lack of manual launch of the boiler after turning off central networks; Supply of current in the form of a safe sinusoid; Prevention of increased voltage to the heating system.

It is especially worthwhile to beware of problems with interruptions for those who own solid fuel boilers. There are cases of not only ignition, but also explosions from uncontrolled pressure growth.