Brick cladding features of the process

Brick facade cladding technology

Brick, as facing material, is often used. If you want to make a building lining and forget about the facade, then this is a suitable option for you.

 The high -quality cladding will last for many years, and will not require repairs. As, for example, decorative plasters, which still over time require repair, re -staining, etc. D.

The external cladding of aerated concrete with a brick can be made with or without an air gap device.

It is important to know, when facing an aerated concrete with a brick without a ventilation gap, it is possible to accumulate moisture, so it is necessary to calculate vapor permeability for the building and determine whether the moisture will evaporate.

It is recommended that the cladding of aerated concrete without an air gap is recommended only by ceramic hollow brick.