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Characteristics and features of the use of OSB plates

Where and for what purposes are the OSB slabs use

The thickness of the plates varies from 6, 3 to 38mm, dimensions 1220x2440mm or 1250x2500mm, depending on the manufacturer.

The OSB of slabs are used for facing walls and ceilings, the installations of floors for laminate, linoleum, parquet, when performing work on the device of bitumen tiles, for the construction of temporary small structures, in frame construction of buildings, for the installation of formwork for concrete, device structural elements of roofs, etc. D.

European producers slabs are smooth, American and Canadian slabs, on the contrary, rough. This production technology is more complicated and is explained by the fact that in America and Canada are more stringent safety requirements when performing work: for example, when working at a height on rough slabs, the likelihood is less likely to slip.