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Coffee tea how to quickly and effectively remove from the carpet

How to remove complex spots from the surface of the carpet

In 1l of cold water, 1 tablespoon of glycerin is dissolved and applied to the spot with a sponge.

Red wine

We break the egg yolk into the plate, then add the same amount of glycerin (t. e. 1: 1) and apply this mixture to the spot. After 5-10 minutes, this place is thoroughly washed with water and diluted salt.

Alcoholic drinks

Such a spot from the carpet can be quickly removed with a solution of washing powder, and then rinse with water with dissolved vinegar.

Felt -tip pens, ballpoints

You can remove the stain with alcohol. But you need to do it very carefully, applying a small amount of alcohol so that the spot does not spread. If the spot is fresh, then it must be quickly filled with salt or citric acid, which absorbs ink.