Continuous columns in buildings why they are needed

Why are continuous columns used in buildings

Continuous columns are used in buildings equipped with cranes with a carrying capacity of up to 30 tons, through – with a crane with a carrying capacity of more than 30 tons.

 With a crane of cranes over 75 g, with a column height of more than 18 m or with a double -tier arrangement of cranes, as well as with a string of columns over 12 m, it is allowed to design metal columns. Continuous and through columns, as a rule, are made whole, since the installation of reinforced concrete structures is more advisable to lead from large -sized elements. When constructing the cross section of the column, its larger size is located in the direction of the current moment, and the smaller one is perpendicular to this direction. The ratio of the parties in the columns of a rectangular section is taken in the range from 1, 5 to 3.