Detailed instructions for calculating longitudinal ribs

Stages of calculating longitudinal ribs: what to take into account

 The shoulder of the inner pair in the middle of the flight is taken equal to the distance from the axis of the main working reinforcement to the axis of the shelf.

The panel regiment is reinforced with a welded mesh of a cold wire, which is installed in the middle of the thickness of the shelf. The cross section of the fittings of the grid is determined by calculation, and the diameter of the rods of the grid should be at least 4 mm, and the mesh cells – 200×200 mm. The extreme longitudinal rods of the grids are selected depending on the calculation of the plate for mounting loads. The main working reinforcement, located in the ribs of the panel, is performed in the form of a continuous contour element of constant section with angular anchor details. The reinforcement of the class A-IV and P-7 is accepted as the main.