Diagnosis of electrical wiring in the apartment before the arrival of an electrician

How to independently check the condition of the wiring in the apartment

Independent diagnosis of electrical wiring is possible only in a few cases. If you doubt it, it is better that the diagnosis of electrical wiring is made by a specialist.

Lighting does not work

Reason – the light bulb burned out. Try to turn on other electrical appliances. If everything works fine, then you just need to replace the light bulb.

If none of the lamps work, then there are two possible reasons. One – problems with lamps. It is better to contact electricians right away. The second is the shutdown of the circuit breaker in the shield. Caused by damage to the wiring or high power of lighting devices. The operation of the machine is checked.  If you turn off again, then the problem is in the overload of the network, if not, the problem is in the wiring and qualified assistance is required.