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Disadvantages of the use of carpet is worth buying

Why do not buy carpet as a flooring

Disadvantages: dust absorbs, the wool is quickly polluted and is quite difficult to clean from pollution. It is at least quickly erased and loses its appearance.

The composition of the carpet – 3 layers: pile, primary lining and secondary lining, which in turn consists of a fixing layer and lining of foamed rubber.

The pile is natural and artificial – synthetic. Natural is vegetable fiber wool. If the carpet has 10-20% of the wool-it is considered natural. Carpet made of natural materials mainly has dim, natural colors, t. To. poorly stained. When choosing natural carpet, it will pay attention to the coloring method: if the carpet is completely painted – this is good, if the pattern is only on top – it is applied by printing – most likely it will be erased soon.