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Distinctive features of a flow water heater

What you need to know when choosing a flow water heater

Such water heaters are ideal for installation in small rooms

 If you need a small amount of hot water, and also if you often have to use it. But there are inconvenient moments in choosing a flow water heater: the installation of a running water heater requires a very good electricity system and mandatory installation of protective devices, t. To. Flot water heaters have a power of 3 to 27 kW. In order for the heating of water to occur to a temperature of more than 20-25 degrees, a power of 5-8 kW is required. Heater from 9 to 27 kW requires a 3-phase electric network, which is impossible for an apartment and a summer residence. So if you have an old wiring, it will be necessary to replace it, and make a separate machine for the water heater. Good enough water pressure is also required.