DIY Bath restoration technology

How to restore the bath yourself

Having moistened the brush in enamel, it is necessary to apply a thin layer to the edges of the bath, while moving from one side to the other.

Then you need to move to the side. Coloring it is required to make a downward movement, and then horizontally level the stripes evenly, until a uniform layer is obtained. Also do the bottom of the bath. Now you need to apply immediately the second layer, without waiting for the first.

The second part of the enamel is divorced and all the advanced actions are repeated earlier. If the enamel still remains, it can be poured onto the bottom of the bath and evenly distribute with a brush. If there are subsurbs, then they will need to be evenly smeared with the upper. After completing the restoration work, it is necessary to rinse the brush and close the bath for five days so that the enamel can finally harden.