EPPS – extruded polystyrene foam – characteristics

Comparison of extruded polystyrene foam with polystyrene

EPPS extruded polystyrene foam is one of modern and effective materials for insulation.

If you decide to thermal insulation of the apartment or house, then of course you want to determine the more effective material for this. EPPS is often compared with polystyrene, so in this article we will consider the main characteristics of polystyrene foam and compare them with the characteristics of the foam.

EPPS has a cellular structure filled with air. The cells do not have a message among themselves. This structure of the material determines its high operational properties: low thermal conductivity 0, 028-0, 034 W, minimum water absorption 0, 2-0, 4%, high compression strength, low thickness, convenience and ease of installation. Extruded polystyrene foam retains its properties at temperatures from -50 to +75 degrees.