Features of the construction of the foundation from ready -made blocks

Is it worth it to build a foundation from ready -made blocks

When installing blocks, it is forbidden to make it so that vertical seams from neighboring rows coincide.

It is necessary to take care of the presence of holes for supplying communications. When using the FBS, it is necessary to perform high -quality waterproofing, otherwise, moisture can cause corrosion of reinforcement, which will subsequently reduce the bearing capacity of the foundation. Next, the backfill of the foundation is performed, sand is used for it, which requires thorough tamping to achieve a good result. Work on the construction of such a foundation will not take much time-with proper perseverance, you can do in 2-3 days. The construction of the founding of your home from the FBS blocks will help to save both time and money, because the bulk foundation is much more expensive, and requires a lot of time to exhibit.