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Features of the creation and insulation of the foundation of the house from the beam

What you need to know when creating a foundation for a home from a beam

If the cut efforts are significant, then it is necessary to provide special bees. In vertical joints, cutting efforts are recommended to be perceived in worships.

 Analysis of structural solutions of joints showed that it is advisable to use elastic mastics. The sticker along the vertical junction of the strip of roofing material does not provide moisture resistance due to the formation of cracks.

Any light concrete with a volumetric mass of less than 500 kg/m3 is used as a heater. The outer layers of the panel are reinforced with nets with cell 15×15 cm from wire with a diameter of 3 mm. Flexible connections should have reliable survey in concrete layers, ensuring the work of these ties to stretch. Tough bonds between reinforced concrete layers of panels are performed in the form of reinforced concrete boards or sieves installed along the faces of the panels of the openings.