Fire safety and fire resistance of foam concrete

Is it safe to use foam concrete

Foam concrete is fireproof, does not require special processing. In case of fire, it does not emit toxic substances, does not explode.

Porous structure of foam concrete, low density provides lower thermal conductivity of foam concrete compared to brick, cinder block, expanded clay. This allows you to make structures thinner and save on additional insulation. For example, foam concrete with a density of 700 kg/m3 has the thermal conductivity of 0, 18 W/m2, silicate brick-with a density of 1600-1900 kg/m3 0, 51-0, 8W/m2, a slag block at a density of 1000-1400 kg/m3 has thermal conductivity 0, 4 -0, 45 W/m2.