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Geomats and Sandrotes – synthetic materials for protection against erosion

How to protect the soil from erosion using geomats and projects

Soil erosion near buildings, structures, roads and bridges under the influence of water and other natural factors – a dangerous phenomenon.

It entails a threat of damage to the foundation and even complete destruction of objects. Earlier, wood, stone, concrete and brick were used to protect the soil and build the retaining walls.

The appearance of synthetic materials gave builders new tools for combating erosion – geomaterials.

One of the varieties of geomaterials is geomatics. They are made of synthetic fibers connected by a mechanical or thermal method, forming a spongy water -permeable structure. Geomats are used to strengthen the fertile layer of earth and small plants. The porous structure reinforces the upper soil layer, without interfering with the growth of grass, the roots and stems of which form an additional connection between the geomatus and the protected layer.