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How can I use Roman curtains in the interior of the apartment

Features of the use of Roman curtains to create design

Roman curtains can be used as blinds, as curtains or as curtains. T. e can be combined with other curtains, lambrequins, etc. D.

Fabric blinds can be used for any purpose room with any interior and style. If the decoration and furniture in the room are designed in calm, soft colors – Roman curtains can be used by contrasting colors or with a pattern combined in color, for example, with upholstered furniture. If you choose plain curtains, then they should not be the same color as the walls, but darker or lighter.

Roman blinds are a great way to make windows elegant and original. Compared to conventional types of blinds, fabric more refined and beautiful. So during the repair, be sure to think about this option of decorating and protecting windows.