How cheap and modern repairs

How to save money by doing it with your own hands

In general, if you are facing the question: how to make repairs yourself cheap? The solution to all the problems can be a long -known whitewashing of walls and ceilings with chalk.

The technology of work is simple, it is cheap, using simple whitewashing, you can effectively decorate the room, from the process itself and the result is a good pleasure.

If you have already read articles on the Internet on this subject, then the visible simplicity is hiding behind many. And the simple becomes difficult and you no longer want and are afraid.

BUT! We are still for simplicity. And we are not afraid. We just take and do.

We remind you, we make simple whitewashing therefore, the preparation is also simple.

We will need some tools: brush-maclovice, spatula, pair of buckets, a piece of gauze, chalk, starch or wallpaper glue.