How much material will be needed for the construction of walls

How to calculate the amount of material for the construction of walls correctly

Pentone has lightweight, which is also of great importance in construction and insulation.

Low thermal conductivity allows the walls to make the walls more thin than other materials. Compare the weight of 1 m2 walls made of silicate brick, foam concrete and cinder block. To make a wall with thermal conductivity close to 1 m2 of a wall of foam concrete with a density of 600 and thermal conductivity of 0, 18W/m2, the wall thickness will be 640mm from brick, from slag block – 600mm.

For masonry 1 m2, a 640mm brick wall will require 190pcs of brick, weight 1 brick 5kg, t. e. Wall weight 950 kg.

For masonry 1m2 walls from a slag block 600mm thick, we use 37pcs of slag block weighing 20 kg, t. e. 740 kg wall weight.

For a 1m2 wall device, a 300mm foam concrete we use 28pcs of foam blocks weighing 21, 5 kg, t. e. The weight of the wall is 600 kg.