How much will the installation of the roof cost the cost of work

What factors affect the cost of the installation of the roof

Roof installation may cost a round amount. Many rely on their strength.

In this case, patience for studying literature, endurance at altitude and several assistants can serve good service. However, without specialists, most often cannot cope. They will cope even with the most unusual “pattern” of the roof.

Related materials also affect the total cost of the roof: skates, cornices, water drainage system, crate. All this should also be taken into account.

Fire -party. The most combustible roofs on a bitumen basis are called. Less commonly, metal and clay roofs are ignited.

Builders should think about the roof still at the foundation stage. It is necessary to calculate the weight of the future roof and the weight of the frame of the building. The final figure can reach several tons. The base of the house must be built taking into account these data.