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How not to create problems for the construction and reconstruction of large facilities

 What to take into account when reconstructing a large construction site

If you are a customer of a large object what to do in this situation. Problems usually begin from the moment the project is drawing up.

 I have been working in construction for more than 10 years and very often there were situations when the customer of construction does not have the opportunity, time to pay due attention when creating project documentation. And at the beginning of work, it turns out that according to the project it is necessary to use not the most suitable materials, in terms of price efficiency. Some positions are superfluous, but something on the contrary is not. Recently, requirements for the approval of projects have been tightened, when commissioning facilities into operation. Therefore, everything that is written in the project must comply with the implementation – the project has to be redone, amended, etc. D., which takes a large amount of time, funds and efforts of the customer.