How the stages of the process are carried out

What you need to know when Borinni Steel sheets

Samples with a diameter of 20 mm were suspended inside a glass vessel with double walls cooled by water.

TWCH heating was carried out using the LG-60 generator, the electrical mode of which was erected by adjustment of the feedback. The temperature was measured by thermocouple and optical pyrometer. The system was blown up before and after the process. The mixture B2N6 + + N2 was supplied to the vessel from below; Its consumption was controlled by a manometer and a rheometer. The exhaust gas passed through traps with water.

The acceleration of the pitching process was found when the heating of the TVH. Below are the results of gas boring at a temperature of 950 ° C when heated in the furnace for 5 minutes and TVHH for 2 minutes: when heated in the stove, the depth of the layer is 120 microns, and when heated a TVH 150 mm.