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How to choose a mechanism for the installation of Roman curtains

What you need to know when selecting Roman curtains  

The mechanism is selected depending on the height and width of the window. For example, for small curtains on the window profile, a special bar is installed, to which they are fixed.

For curtains up to 1, 5 m wide and up to 1, 8m, a cornice is used high, which is attached to the wall above the window opening.

Roman curtains are produced from fabrics of various structures and colors. Lighter and transparent fabrics are cheaper respectively, strong and dense – more expensive. You can choose which curtains you need – transparent to skip light or vice versa, dense to protect against sunlight and to protect windows from the view from the street. In the production of fabric, special compounds are processed, due to which the curtains are resistant to pollution, sunlight. Therefore, they do not require special care.