How to choose curtains for a particular room

What to pay attention to when selecting curtains for the interior

A room with plain wallpaper looks best with curtains two tones below with a pattern or ornament, as an adding color accent.

Working out all the details of sewing curtains, you get a high -quality accessory at affordable prices. Depending on the goals of the transformation of the room, the corresponding material and pattern of the curtains are selected:

  • to weigh the room and give it an elegant look, choose a more compacted fabric; To give the placement of lightness and airiness, stop on translucent matters, with the addition of frills or ruffles
  • To expand the narrow room enough curtains with transverse stripes; Visually, curtains with vertical stripes will help to make a room above; It is not advisable to hang the dark room with dense curtains, this will make it even more gloomy.