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How to correctly calculate the consumption of material when creating a screed

 Calculation of materials when creating a cement screed of the floor

It is important to remember that the consumption of the material for preparing the base must be multiplied by the corresponding coefficient.

For example, if we simply fall asleep under a screed a layer of slag or crushed stone, then the coefficient will be 1, 1. If tamping is used for sealing, then for sand a coefficient of 1, 12, for slag – 1, 28, for crushed stone – 1, 546. In the example below, we will look like how to use them.

If the screed is made in a wet room, then it is necessary to perform waterproofing under the screed. You can also waterproof from dense polyethylene.

Basically, a solution of M150 is used for the device of cement screed. To prepare 1 m3 of such a solution, 400 kg of cement and 1, 2m3 sand is needed.