How to correctly calculate the deformations

What you need to know when calculating deformations

The calculation of deformations is to determine the relative deflection from the normative load and its comparison with the permissible.

When installing, the embedded parts of the coating panels are welded to the embedded parts laid in the upper belt. The seams between the panels are poured with a solution. Another example of a secondary load-bearing structure is the KZhS plate, which is solved on the principle of a gentle thin-walled cylindrical shelter with two longitudinal ribs-diaphragms of the segmented outline. The length of the plate is 6-18 m, width 1, 5-3 m. The ratio between the length and width should be: 6 to 4. The bearing capacity of this panel in the longitudinal direction is determined by the bending moment in a section = 0, 5 of the length when loading the entire span evenly distributed by load.