How to eliminate streams during wall painting

The occurrence of fluxes when painting walls

Reason: the paint is not thick enough. What to do in this situation?

Elimination: check the quality of the paint – the expiration date, whether it was stored in the cold room as a result of which the detachment occurred; Perhaps just need to mix well.

The joints between different sections are noticeable.

Reason: the walls are not suffered enough.

Elimination: make a thorough primer and paint.

Color change.

Reason: poor -quality dye.

Elimination: repaint with the addition of quality dye.

After drying, spots appear.

Reason: Wall painting on the unsuccessful primer or putty.

Elimination: it is necessary to rinse the sections of the walls with water, dry, load and paint again.

These are the main problems of wall painting. There are many reasons for the problems of problems and ways to eliminate them.