How to get rid of fat spots on the walls

 Preparatory measures before wall cladding tiles

If there are any fat spots on the surface of the wall, then they must be cut down or treated with a solution of 2-3% of hydrochloric acid.

Brick surfaces with vertical deviations to 10mm are treated with a thin layer of spraying with a cement-sand solution of 1: 3. Surfaces having deviations of more than 15mm are also processed with a cement-sand solution of the composition of 1: 4 in several layers: spray is applied up to 5 mm thick. The soil is applied up to 5mm per layer, there may be several layers. Each subsequent layer is applied no earlier than an hour after the previous.

If the tubers and cavities on the walls are too large, it will be better to use the walls of the walls with drywall – this will cost about the same amount and save you a lot of time.