How to glue wallpaper in complex places

 Is it possible to independently glue wallpaper in complex places

If you decide to make repairs on your own, then you will definitely have a problem how to poke wallpaper in difficult places yourself.

Wallpaper gluing technology is one of the types of finishes available for independent performance without great experience.

The wallpaper canvas is glued so that the arches closed the opening. Then the wallpaper is cut down on the opening of the arches with a margin, so that then to turn the resulting supply to the slope of the arch. Cuts are made on the edge after 25-30mm. The edges are neatly touched on both sides of the arch, the extra edges are cut off so that they are 20-25mm width, glued and smoothed with a slope with a brush. We measure and cut out the tape from the wallpaper and glue it, carefully ironing it with a brush. You can glue the upper, previously left canvas above the window. Glotting wallpaper on a side slope.