How to level the walls correctly before trim tiles

Wall alignment technology before cladding tiles

A plumb line is hung on a nail hat so that it does not reach the floor of 150mm and a nail is also clogged down the cord below. The hat of the second nail is only in contact with the cord.

At the same distance between the first and second nails, the third nail is clogged in the middle. Then we repeat the procedure of clogging 3 nails over the entire surface of the wall in the other corner of the wall. If the distance between the extreme nails is large, then we score nails and between them depending on the length of the wall. To check the evenness of the wall, between the upper extreme nails, the cord is pulled diagonally, which will help to see all the irregularities. Nails – the base for the installation of plastering beacons on the walls.