How to make a foundation from blocks yourself

Is it possible to build a foundation from ready -made blocks

In order for the building to stand for a long time, whether it will not be a multi -storey building, an ordinary garage, or a private house, it is necessary to build it on a well -built foundation.

 The foundation is the main part of any building and how high -quality the foundation is made to the reliability of the construction and the safety of the person in it will depend. The foundation can be made by pouring concrete, and can be a prefabricated from individual elements. In the case of a prefabricated foundation, various building materials are used, it can be blocks of gas silicate, foam blocks, cinder blocks, etc. D. All of them are a good option, but they have one feature – they all need good protection against moisture penetration. The most optimal option for building the foundation is the foundation block wall.