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How to make friends with the architect when creating a project at home

What do architects take into account when creating a project at home

As in Holland, in St. Petersburg the profession of an architect is traditionally considered one of the most respected.

Still, they determine what our dwellings will be not only in the present, but also in the future. Therefore, it is very important to find a common language with the architect. It is not so easy for many people to describe the house in which they want to live. It is necessary to decide on the main points, and then your dream of a new house will gradually gain a very specific architectural form. What the house will be intended for? You are going to live outside the city constantly or you will rest here from time to time, mainly in the summer? Obviously, in architectural terms, the capital mansion is significantly different from the cottage. In particular, these architectural objects have different area. The cottage is built about 100-200 square meters. m. And the house is more spacious – 200-500, even 1000 kV. m.