How to paste the walls correctly with a special fabric

Wall pasting instructions with fabric wallpaper

A gluing substance is applied from the angle of the wall with a width of 100 centimeters, then, the canvas previously turned into a roll is glued over the entire height.

 not forgetting to thoroughly smooth and pull on the length and width. The edges of the fabric are fixed in advance by the prepared rails, driving nails into them. The canvas is fixed with rails around the entire perimeter as it sticks on the wall. The distance between the nails when attaching the strips should be 10-20 centimeters. After the glue and shrinkage of the tissue drying, the rail is removed. A faster way to lining the wall with fabric is that wooden rails are locked in the wall. The fabric in the cuts of the canvas is doubled and nailed by small cloves or using brackets to the rails. The perimeter of the canvas can be decorated, for example, figured varnished rails.