How to quickly and effectively remove a stain from the carpet

How to remove stains from the carpet: specialists’ advice

If a spot appears, it is better to remove it as quickly as possible as quickly as possible.

Spots formed from solids or thick liquids to begin with a spoon or knife. Bake liquid spots with a rag. If there are special means for cleaning carpets at hand, then of course you need to apply them. If not, then you need to use what is in every house.

To remove the stain well and not smear it even more, you should try to process with cleaning products only the spot itself. Turn a rag or sponge so that more products are absorbed into the spot, and does not spread around.


Spots from vegetable oil, mayonnaise, milk, ice cream, butter, various sauces, etc. D. can be removed with washing powder or detergent for dishes dissolved in water.