How to stick wallpaper on the wall behind a pipe

What to take into account when gluing the walls with wallpaper behind the pipe

To stick wallpaper behind the pipe, we plan the width of the canvas so that the seam is not far from the pipe, so that you can push the canvas behind the pipe.

 We glue the canvas to the pipe, then pushing the wallpaper behind the pipe and glue it with closed scissors, ironing it, if possible, a wide and flat object.

To stick wallpaper behind the batteries, bring the canvas to the battery, then we cut the remaining lower part into several tapes, which will be easy to lower behind the battery and press to the wall.

Glue the wallpaper to the wall so that it closes and part of the opening. Find the outer corner of the door frame and make the incision diagonally. Using the brush, press the wallpaper to the opening so that the bend is obtained by which it will be possible to cut it off. We try to do it accurately and accurately. Cut the excess of the canvas.