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How to work with whitewashing and chalk

Preparatory work before wall decoration

To clean the surface, it must be soaked well with water with a brush or spray gun and cleaned with a spatula everything that is cleaned and clear the gaps from a pounding putty.

Then wetting the brush in the water to blur the surface with water well.

If you have wallpaper glue, dilute according to the instructions for the glue approximately 5 liters. Or prepare the same amount of starch Klester: 2st. starch+2st. cold water, stir and pour a thin stream of B4l of watering water, stirring to thickened.

Pre -seal fissures, ores: if the cracks are small, fill in with putty, prepared from wallpaper glue or Clayster and chalk in the form of gruel. If the gaps are more parrying, then we take a bandage or strip of fabric about 5 cm wide, dip in a fabric, twist in a tourniquet, put in a gap and then soak with putty.