Ilya Kuznetsov participates in the rally “Dakar”

Who else took part in the famous rally “Dakar”

Ilya Kuznetsov, head of the Ferromin representative office in Russia, participates in Dakar at the SäChsische Automobil Manufaktur Mercedes 30d CC.

¬†This is an all -wheel drive car, which in 2013 helped Matias Kale take 13th place “Dakar”. So Kuznetsov can count on a place in the twenty of the strongest. Another participant is Sergey Savenko. The owner of the Transpensnaz team, the biker and just a motorist at Dakar-2014, takes as many as three crews of “special-purpose transport”. Savenko himself is going to participate in the rear-wheel drive Baggi, which is built on the GAZ-67 GAZ-67 release. The second pilot from Transpensnaz, Roman Briskindov, together with the navigator Konstantin Meshcheryakov participates in races on the prototype.