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Instructions for installing a fence from corrugated board

Stages of work on the installation of fencing from corrugated board

The installation of corrugated board is divided into several stages.

Let us consider in detail how the fence from the corrugated board is installed, presented in the pictures above and below.

The old fence is initially removed if there was one, then the marking is and dug up the trench under the foundation. Then the columns are marked. Columns are clogged, it is advisable to knit them with a pipe, using welding. The crossbars are then marked and welded. It is advisable to weld plugs on the ends of the pipes.

When the crate is ready, the formwork is mounted and the foundation is poured..

Disassembly of the formwork, cleaning the pipes with a brush, or a round brush, which is mounted on a grinder and a primer of pipes.

Well, the finish is already directly installing the corrugated board itself.