Interior decoration

Internal walls and partitions of the foundation

How partitions and walls of the base are made

The inside of the panel is finished depending on the purpose of the building. So, in civilian buildings, it is covered with a finishing layer of 5-10 mm thick.

In industrial buildings with normal air humidity, the inner surface may not be protected. With increased humidity, it is necessary to use painting vapor barrier or make an appropriate internal textured layer.

In housing construction, the length of the panel “on the room” ranges from 2, 4 to 4 m, and the height is equal to the height of the floor; “To two rooms” – the length of the panel ranges from 5, 0 to 7, 2, and the height is also equal to the height of the floor; with “horizontal or strip cut” – deaf panels with a length of 6 m or more and a simpler inserts; “Vertical cut”.