Is it possible not to clean the old paint before finishing

 Is it necessary to remove the old paint in front of the new cladding

In some cases, when it comes to cleaning walls, none of the listed methods is effective.

For example, the paint has been applied for a very long time and you do not know which composition, although the paint is applied for a long time, it is perfectly held and there are no lagging areas, the surface of which requires a very large, lime base that can only be knocked down, etc. D. For such cases, there is a quick option: the use of primer paint “Ceresit CT-16”. The main thing is that there are no cracks and lagging sections on the surface, the entire surface is covered with such primer paint and then you can perform plaster, cladding, etc. D. »Ceresit CT-16 ″ has a structure with the content of grains of quartz sand, which provides it with excellent adhesion with almost all bases and coatings.