Interior decoration

Is it worth buying for the construction of the OSB plate

Distinctive features and advantages of the use of OSB plates

Very high indicators of strength and moisture resistance: such a group is used for work in rooms with special conditions and requirements for decoration.

The plates are easily attached, not deformed, do not crumble, which adds advantages over other similar materials. For example, plywood is more resistant to moisture than the OSB of the 3rd group, but has a higher cost: 1 m2 of plywood FC 3/4 10mm 7, 5 $, osb plate – $ 6, 15 $ 15. Unlike plywood, the OSB is more resistant to decay and the appearance of the fungus, insects do not start in them.

When buying plates, pay attention to the structure of the cut: the smaller the voids between the chips, the more high -quality plate and the stronger it will be attached.