Leveling the surface under the cladding tile

Do I need to align the walls before laying tiles

It is necessary to study the verticality of the wall or the horizontalness of the floor, the presence of deviations of not more than 10 mm is allowed.

If more, alignment can be done in the following ways:

-drywall sheathing sheets;

-gluing drywall sheets;

-plaster with cement or cement-license solution;

-plaster with special dry mixtures.

Ground alignment:

-a cement screed device;

-The device of bulk floors.

When facing some rooms, it is necessary to waterproof the surface. For this, there are many special mastics and devices for such manufacturers as Kreisel, Ceresit, and T. D.: mastic, sealing ribbons, gaskets, films, corners, primers, etc. D.

Also, a very important stage is the device of a primer layer.