Monolithic foundation for a country house

 Advantages of the use of a monolithic foundation

The choice of foundation is not an easy task. Not because there are many foundations: columnar, screw, strip, monolithic foundation and assembly – build any!

Each structure selects the optimal base, make calculations, taking into account the characteristics of the soil, possible deformations, the weight of the building being built and its purpose. Monolithic foundations have a number of advantages that compensate for some increased cost:

1. They are reliable. The very design of the monolith involves the integrity of the foundation structure, its invulnerability.

2. A continuous reinforcing cage, flooded with concrete, distributes loads over the entire area of ​​the foundation, successfully confronts the heapons forces.

3. The rigid structure does not allow uneven deformations, the integrity of the walls is preserved even from piece materials.