Properties of foam concreon. Criteria for choosing material

 Advantages of using foam concrete

Foam concrete is produced by a special foam solution mixed with water, cement, sand. As a result, after hardening of the solution, foam concrete blocks are obtained.

 Pores are obtained thanks to air bubbles contained in the foam. Thanks to such a structure, consisting and closed pores, foam concrete has a wide list of advantages over other similar materials.

In the production of foam concrete, organic materials are used that do not contain harmful components and are safe.

Penoboton walls “breathe”. Thanks to the porous structure of the foam concrete, the design made from it in terms of properties resembles wooden. T. e. They pass the air, so condensate is not formed, which simplifies and reduces the reduces of the subsequent wall decoration. In winter, this room is warm, and in the summer it is cool.