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Repair of soft roof features of the process

How to repair a soft roof yourself

Soft roof repair is often used on multi -storey panel houses.

When repairing a soft roof for a frequent, rolls of roofing material, bitumen materials on glass-taned basis are used.

Now the most common membrane roll roof. What are the advantages of a soft roof roof? Such as moisture resistance, strong, heat -resistant, resistant and elastic, with one property has good physical qualities. In general, the roof of sheets from roofing material is quite common and has been used for many years, where the flat roof is, and these are high -rise houses. In the CIS for decades, a domestic roofing material is produced for this, but the truth is the quality of a modern roofing material that may not be so good, you need to pay particular attention when choosing a roofing material, because in the not -free roofing material a continuous paper.