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Superficent water pump Classification scope

 Features of the use of the surface pump

Surface water pump – one of the types of water pumps. A surface water pump is capable of supplying a small summer house or a multi -storey building with water.

 If you decide to build a house in the country, a cottage or any other building in the area where there is no centralized water supply and sewage system, but I want all the conditions of comfort and civilization, then you can not do without the use of pumps. For household needs, such types of pumps are mainly used: water, drainage, fecal, circulation.

Water – used to supply clean water wells, wells, water bodies, tanks of houses, cottages, etc. D.

Drainage – to remove water from flooded rooms, filled tanks, pools, as well as to fill them. Use not only clean water, but also water with pollution, sand, etc. D.